We had a vision. Which always helps when you are planning to start a business! Rita started Mt Eliza Seeds over ten years ago and began selling seeds and plants at the local farmers markets. As we grew we realised the need to expand the business and customers were asking to buy seeds online. We are absolutely passionate about growing plants and seeds, in particular saving seeds. Before we knew it we had so many seeds between us we decided we needed share them with others and that is where Grow Heirloom started.
We love the taste and vigour of Heritage or Heirloom seeds which are ‘old’ seeds, that is, collected, germinated, grown and harvested carefully and passed down for future generations to enjoy. It’s in our blood to keep a good thing going and our forefathers went to great lengths to keep the purity and strength of the seeds continuing for us to enjoy today and tomorrow for our children. We love to find new seeds that gardeners or companies have found and introduce them to you so you can enjoy them as much as we have. We hope your find something interesting to grow and we are here to help you if you have any questions. Happy Heirloom Growing!

Contact us on 0410 636 519 or email us on growheirloom@yahoo.com